RFLink Firmware Downloads

Older versions are listed for testing and historical purposes

RFLink Information


Please note that the RFLink Gateway is a freeware project.
Stuntteam is not making money in any way and there is no relation to any shop.
This means that there are no unlimited funds to purchase test devices, it also means the project has to rely on you, the user, to send debug data and help with follow up questions.

If you want to contribute to this project, you can send a donation which is more than welcome, help with sending debug data of unsupported devices or donate the device that you would like to see supported.

For the implementation of additional 2.4Ghz and 868Mhz protocols we could use any device you would like to see supported.
Also, if you have any equipment that you do not use, send a mail to frankzirrone@gmail.com
Thanks in advance!

Support the project:

The RFLink Firmware development is a freeware project. This means you should not pay for the firmware.
We are not linked to any shops and do not have unlimited resources to buy sensors and devices.
You can support the project by sending in debug data for new sensors, send hardware or
make a donation so we can buy sensors you would like to see supported.