RFLink: Supported Device List


All devices listed below have been tested by one or more users and were found working with one of the RFLink firmware versions. Since we do not actually own all of these devices ourselves it is impossible to test each new RFlink firmware version with each and every device. In some cases not all the features of a device might be supported yet. If you feel something is missing for a device you own, check the development page to see how you can help with a debug log to improve the implementation.

If your device is not listed below, it does not automatically mean that it will not work! It actually still might work. Many devices are clones of each other or are using an existing protocol. If you have a device that is not listed below but is working then let us know via frankzirrone@gmail.com so we can update the list.
If your device is not listed and also not detected, then check the development page to see how you can help with a debug log to have support for your device added to the firmware.

433 and/or 315 Mhz devices:

Note that various devices are available in a 433 or 315 mhz version. RFlink can handle the protocols but obviously the used transceiver (or seperate transmitter and receiver) are important factors to actually make use of a specific frequency. Technically, RFLink is capable of using 315, 433, 868 and 915 mhz frequencies with the protocols and devices listed below. It is up to you to make sure that you are allowed to use that frequency in your country before you use a frequency for any special projects.

Remote Controls and Electrical Switches / Dimmers etc.:

ARC Protocol: (Send + Receive)
  • Klik Aan Klik Uit (Code Wheel) (All products)
  • Princeton PT2262
  • Domia Lite
  • Intertechno
  • CoCo Technologies
  • Cogex
  • D-IO (Chacon)
  • Nexa (All products, among others: WST-512)
  • Düwi Terminal
  • Promax RSL366T
  • Conrad 640472, 640473, 640475, 640476
  • ME FLS 100
  • Profile PR-44N, PR-47N
  • Sartano 2606
  • Impuls
  • Elro AB400
  • SelectRemote
  • Everflourish/Chacon (All products, among others: EMW200, EMW203)
  • Waveman
  • Elro Home Comfort AB600
  • (Elro) Home Control
  • SmartHome YC-2000B
  • Smarthome YC-4000B
  • Phenix YC-4000S
  • Pollin Funk-Dimmer HouseLight FD-UP001
  • Pollin Funk-Steckdosen-Set 2605
  • Conrad 646443 outlet sockets / RSL366R
  • Proteam HO1853
  • Velleman WRS3B
  • "Emil Lux"/LUX-Tools (Obi.de Art.Nr. 2087971)
  • Znane-01 switch set sold at Biedronka (Impuls clone)
  • Renkforce
  • Etekcity ZAP
Automatic Code Learning Protocols: (Send + Receive)
  • Klik Aan Klik Uit (All products, among others: ACM-1000, AWMR210, AWMT230, AWMD250, AWST8800, ACD-200,
    ACD-300, ACD-1000, ACD-3500, AGDR-300, AGDR-3500, APA3-1500R, APA2-2300R, AWS-3500,
    AFR-100, AFR-060, ACM-3500-3, ASUN-650, ACM-100, ACM-250, ACM-300, AILD-250, AILS-3500,
    AWMR-230, AWMR-300, APCR-2300, ACDB-7000C, ACDB-6600C)
  • CoCo Technologies
  • Trust SmartHome (All products, among others: AMST-606)
  • Nexa Jula Anslut (All products, among others: 408-063, 408-064, LWST-605)
  • Home Easy EU (All products, among others: HE100, HE200, HE300, AB600/HE600, HE800)
  • Smartwares (All products, among others: SH5-TDR-K 10.037.17, SH5-SET-OB, SH5-SET-OP36, SH5-SET-OP36F
    SH5-SET-BS, SH5-SET-FL, SH5-SET-KHC, SH5-SET-ST, SHS-51000-EU, SHS-51001-EU WL, SHS-53002-EU SH5-RPS-04A, SH5-RPS-36A, SH5-RPD-02A, SH5-RPS-36B, SH5-RBS-10A, SH5-TBD-02A, SH5-RBS-23A
    SH5-RBU-04A, SH5-RFD-A, SH5-RBU-A, SH5-RBD-01A, SH5-RBS-04A, SHS-53000)
  • Maclean Energy MCE04 & 07 remote control and switches
  • Proove switch sets (All products, among others: TSP 800)
  • Hama SD-UN5-RF
  • Elimex (All products, among others: LYCT505 - 24.132, 24.130, 24.131, 24.134, 24.138, 24.139)
  • SelectPower
  • Ningbo KD-205-1
  • Steffen Power Switch (1204334)
  • Aukey PA-R1
  • RTS E200 Switch set (F-TYPE)
Others: (Send + Receive)
  • Arlec RC10 switch sets
  • Aster / GEMINI EMC/99/STI/037
  • Avidsen switch sets
  • Avidsen RMC-1LM
  • Bahuon switch set BHC9938F-X + remote 1415
  • Blyss switch sets
  • Brel (Only mono directional)
  • CAD Legrand
  • Chacon (TR-502MSV, NR.RC402, 54655)
  • Conrad RSL2, Conrad RSL88R/B, Conrad RC-710
  • Cotech switch set 36-6361
  • Cotech switch set 36-6010
  • DMV-7008S
  • Electro Depot switch set, article code 940557
  • Everflourish EMW100 / Cotech EMW100R
  • Flamingo (among others: FA500R, FA500S, FA500DSS, FA500WD, SF-500S/3, SF-500S/3F, SF-500S/3UK, SF-500WD/2, SF-500WD/2F, SF-501)
  • FunkBus remote control (Insta / Berker / Gira / Jung) (receive only)
  • Gelia EMW100T switch set
  • Home Confort Smart Home - Among others: TEL-010, PRF-100, SRF-E27
  • Home Easy (Code Wheel)
  • Ikea Koppla
  • Intertek Eurodomest 972080 (Protocol revision 1 & 2 - full autodetection)
  • Intertek Eurodomest 972086 (Protocol revision 1 & 2 - full autodetection)
  • Kambrook RF3399/RF3405/RF3672/RF3689/RF4471R
  • LIDL Libra TR-502MSV
  • LightwaveRF Switches (Generation-1)
  • Livolo
  • Mandolyn RC-710
  • Maplin RSL3660R
  • Master Electrician RC-012-1-TR-009
  • Mercury 350.115UK
  • Mumbi M-FS300 (without dip switches)
  • Novatys wall switches
  • PLC-T4022G X10 RF to Powerline
  • Powerfix RCB-I 3600
  • Prime Wire & Cable
  • ProMax 75.0006.14 (Sold at Action)
  • Quigg GT-1000 RC / Quigg GT-FSI-08
  • Quigg GT-3000 / Quigg GT-FSI-04
  • Quigg GT-7008BS / Quigg GT-FSI-02
  • Quigg GT-8000 / Quigg GT-FSI-04 / Quigg GT-FSI-05
  • Quigg GT-9000 / Quigg GT-FSI-07 / Quigg GT-FSI-09
  • R546 wireless switch set
  • Rev Ritter REV 8342L
  • Unitec 48110 EIM 826 / 48111 EIM 821
  • Unitec 48111 Model 50028
  • Sartano switch set, Model 50028, HN 10047
  • Sartano switch set, Model 55006DKX10, HN3031/HN 10047
  • Silvercrest l36-001
  • Silvercrest IAN 7443 type 10164 R RC202
  • SilverCrest IAN 91210/60494 RCS AAA3680 and RCS AAA3680-A
  • Silvercrest IAN 276299
  • SilverCrest IAN 303937
  • Silvercrest IAN 2847705
  • Silvercrest IAN 113854
  • Silvercrest IAN 91210
  • Solight switch set
  • Sonoff 433-wifi bridge
  • Siplec switch set
  • Steffen Power Switch (1204380 3M)
  • Tec Star 2335191R
  • Toom 1919384
  • TRC02 RGB Controller
  • X10 RF switches
  • X10 UR76 E Remote Control
  • X'Dom (among others KR22)

Weather Sensors: (Receive Only)

  • Alecto V2:
    Maplin Weather Station N96GY, Fine Offset WH1080 (ASK version only), Fine Offset WH1081 (ASK version only), Watson W-8681,
    Digitech XC0348 Weather Station, PCE-FWS 20, Elecsa AstroTouch 6975, Froggit WH1080 (ASK version only),
    Maxon WS1081, Maplin Weather Station N25FR
  • UPM/Esic:
    UPM, Esic, Emos, DVM, Clas Ohlson , Dickson, 36-1793, 36-1794
  • Acurite 3in1 3n1TXR
  • Acurite 3n1TXC,
  • Acurite 592TXR
  • Acurite 5in1 6004RM
  • Acurite 5in1 pro 6014RM
  • Acurite 609TXC
  • Acurite 609TXC (alternative version) (Acurite V3)
  • Acurite 896
  • Acurite 986
  • Acurite Tower sensor
  • Agimex Rosenborg 66796 (FineOffset)
  • Alecto WS1100 (Alecto V3)
  • Alecto WS1150 (Alecto V3)
  • Alecto WS1200 (Alecto V3)
  • Alecto 1300 Wireless plant monitor, Air and Soil sensor temperature and humidity sensor
  • Alecto WS1500 (Alecto V1)
  • Alecto WS3500 (Alecto V1)
  • Alecto WS4500 (Alecto V1)
  • Ambient Weather
  • Ambient Weather FT004B
  • Ambient Weather FT004T
  • Ambient Weather F007TH
  • Ambient Weather F007T
  • Ambient Weather F007PF
  • AOK 2011 (Auriol V2)
  • AOK 2026 (Auriol V2)
  • AOK WH5029 (Auriol V3)
  • Auriol H13726 (Alecto V1)
  • Auriol IAN 55982 (Mebus)
  • Auriol Z31055A-TX
  • Auriol Z31055B-TX version 09/2012
  • Auriol Z31743
  • Auriol Z32171A (Auriol V3)
  • Balance RF-WS105 (Alecto V1)
  • Baldr B0317
  • Baldr Weather station B0341WST2H2 (SKU WS0341BL1)
  • Banggood SKU174397 (Alecto V4)
  • Biltema 84056 Temperature sensor
  • Blokker 1730796 outdoor Temperature sensor (Alecto V4)
  • Blyss temperature sensors (Ref.630467)
  • Bresser weather sensor (Baldr)
  • Chacon Model nr: S3607B(Tx) (Auriol V2)
  • Clas Ohlson 36-4741
  • Clas Ohlson 36-5087
  • Clas Ohlson 36-6726 (sensor for Clas Ohlson weather stations 36-6724, 36-6832 and 36-6725)
  • ClimeMET CM9088 (FineOffset)
  • Clip Sonic SL244J
  • Conrad S555TH (LaCrosse V3)
  • Conrad S300TH (LaCrosse V3)
  • Cresta TE923
  • Cresta TE923W
  • Cresta TE821W
  • Cresta WXR810
  • Dake 1730796 outdoor Temperature sensor (Alecto V4)
  • Digi-Tech 4-LD14554 Outdoor Temperature sensor
  • Digoo DG-R8H (Smart Home Wireless Digital Hygrometer Thermometer)
  • Ea2 BL999 weather sensor (Baldr)
  • ELV S555TH (LaCrosse V3)
  • ELV S300TH (LaCrosse V3)
  • Eurochron EAS 301Z
  • Eurochron EAS 302
  • Excelvan (Auriol V3)
  • Fine Offset (Auriol V3)
  • Fine Offset Electronics WH2 (FineOffset)
  • Fine Offset Temperature sensor
  • Frogit F007TH
  • Frogit F007T
  • Frogit F007PF
  • GlobalTronics GT-WT-01 Temperature sensor
  • GlobalTronics GT-WT-02 Temperature sensor
  • Hadex T093 (Auriol V3)
  • Hadex WH5029 (Auriol V3)
  • Hama EWS 1500 (Alecto V1)
  • Hideki (Cresta)
  • Home Confort STHI 100 temperature/humidity sensor
  • Homemart FD030 (Alecto V4)
  • HomeWizard Rain meter (Cresta)
  • Honeywell (Cresta)
  • Imagintronix XT200 (Auriol V3)
  • InoValley SM200 Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • InoValley SM302 Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Infactory NC-5849-675 Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Irox (Cresta)
  • Irox-Pro X (Cresta)
  • Jula 943134 (Auriol V2)
  • Krippl Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Labs BL999 weather sensor (Baldr)
  • LaCrosse TX3-TH Thermo/Humidity sensor
  • LaCrosse TX4
  • LaCrosse TXT141-BV2
  • LaCrosse WS2300 Temperature/Humidity/Wind/Rain sensor (LaCrosseV2)
  • LaCrosse WS2310 (LaCrosseV2)
  • LaCrosse WS2355 (LaCrosseV2)
  • LaCrosse WS2500-19: Brightness Luxmeter (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS3600 (LaCrosseV2)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-15: Anemometer (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-16: Rain precipitation (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-19: Brightness Luxmeter (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-20: Thermo/Humidity/Barometer (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-22 Thermo/Humidity (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-25 Thermo/Humidity (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-27: Thermometer (LaCrosseV3)
  • LaCrosse WS7000-28: Thermometer (LaCrosseV3)
  • Loh Electronics 02812 Temperature and Humidity sensor (FineOffset)
  • Marquant 943134 Temperature sensor (Auriol V2)
  • Mebus Outdoor Sensor (Mebus)
  • Mebus (Cresta)
  • Meteoscan W155 (Alecto V1)
  • Meteoscan W160 (Alecto V1)
  • Meteostanice WH5029 (Auriol V3)
  • MeteoTime DV928 (Cresta)
  • MiSol Rain gauge (Alecto V1)
  • OneConcept model 10029960
  • Onemall FD030 (Alecto V4)
  • Oregon EW99 Temperature sensor
  • Oregon Scientific SL109
  • Oregon V1/2/3:
    THC238, THC268, THN132N, THWR288A, THRN122N, THN122N, AW129, AW131, THGR268, THGR122X, THGR122N,
    THGN122N, THGN123N, THGR122NX, THGR228N, THGR238, WTGR800, THGR918, THGRN228NX, THGN500, RTGN318,
    THGR800, THGR810, RTGR328N, THGR328N, Huger BTHR918, BTHR918N, BTHR968, RGR126, RGR682, RGR918, PCR122, THWR800, THR128, THR138, THC138, RGR928, THGR968, THR228N, RGR968, WGR968, THGN132N,
    UVN128, UV138, UVN800, Huger-STR918, WGR918, WGR800, PCR800, WGTR800, BTHG968, BTHGN129
  • Oria FT017TH
  • Otio SH-10 (Alecto V1)
  • Otio SH-20 (Alecto V1)
  • Philips AJ3650, AJ260, AJ7010/12 Temperature sensor
  • Pollin PFR-130 Temperature & Rain meter
  • Prologue 36-4744 (Clas Ohlsson) Temperature sensor
  • Proove TSS320 Temperature sensors
  • R8G XT200 (Auriol V3)
  • Renkforce E0190TA Temperature sensors
  • Renkforce Thermo-/Hygrosensor FT007TH Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • RFTech 210TX Temperature sensor
  • Rubicson (Auriol)
  • Sako CH113 (Alecto V4)
  • SilverCrest (Alecto V1)
  • Stacja Pogody WS-9941-M (Mebus)
  • Tchibo Temperature sensor
  • Technoline (Auriol V2)
  • Tellstick Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Tesa WH1150 (FineOffset)
  • TFA 30.3125 Temperature and Humidity sensor (LaCrosse V3)
  • TFA 30.3120.30 (LaCrosse V3)
  • TFA 30.3120.90 Temperature sensor (LaCrosse V3)
  • TFA Nexus (Cresta)
  • Tunex MF-0211 (Auriol V2)
  • UCTech FT007TH Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Unitec W235 Climate sensor
  • Ventus W044 (Alecto V1)
  • Ventus WS155 (Alecto V1)
  • Ventus W906 (Cresta)
  • Viking Temperature sensor
  • Viking 02813 Temperature sensor
  • Viking 02038 Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Viking 02042 Temperature sensor and Rain meter
  • Watshome YT6018-2 (Auriol V2)
  • WH1285 TX (WH-5) Temp & Humidity sensor (FineOffset)
  • WMS Mk3
  • Xiron (Auriol V2)

Pool/Water Thermometer: (Receive Only)

  • Cheap Chinese water detectors
  • Conrad 9771 Pool Thermometer
  • Digoo DG-HOSA water sensor
  • FirstLine FWS802 Pool Thermometer
  • Velleman WSPT1
  • WT0122 Pool Thermometer

Soil : Temperature & Moisture/Humidity Sensors (Receive Only)

  • Imagintronix XH300 sensor
  • Opus XT300
  • Alecto 1300

Electricity Monitoring (Receive Only)

  • OWL CM113
  • OWL CM119
  • OWL CM130
  • OWL CM160
  • OWL CM180
  • OWL CM180i
  • OWL +USB
  • OWL Micro
  • cent-a-meter
  • Electrisave
  • Revolt NC-5461 Energy Meter (See Note)
  • Otio Energy Meter (12BB10T) (See Note)
  • Profitec Funk Energiekosten Messgeraet (See Note)
  • Teleinfo Linky (via OWL protocol, https://easydomoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=158 )
  • X10 sensors

These devices send a large RF burst every 10 seconds.
This means that they could fill a lot of the available 433mhz bandwidth and you should use these devices with care because the reception of other sensors could become problematic when using these devices.

Dusk Sensors (Light On/Off detection): (Receive Only)

  • Home Easy HE863
  • Intertechno ITDS-5
  • Kaku ABST-604

Relay controllers:

  • 1Key 315/433MHZ Wireless Module Receiver Controller For Relay Remote SwitchBA
  • AK-RK01S-220-A AC 220 V 1CH 433 MHz

Window blinds/shutters/sun screens:

  • A-OK Blind controller (AC114-01B and others)
  • ASA radio technology Go-1
  • Astrell 85 portal motorization system
  • Avidsen
  • Conrad RSL blind controller 640579
  • Dooya RF Roller blinds (AC123-16 and others, also sold as Zemismart AM15)
  • Blyss 599008 / 582886 Liveez, 599009
  • Bofu motor controller (Rollertrol) BF-301, EY1612, EY1624 and others
  • Brel motor controller (DC90, DC106, DC306, DC115, DC229, DC230 and others) (Only mono directional)
  • Ematronic AC114-01B shutter/blinds controller
  • Esmo motor controller
  • Faher motor controller (DC305, DC307 and others)
  • Forest "Touch Sense Motors" Curtain control
  • Gaposa Blind/Shutter controller (model QCT3S and others)
  • Intertechno CMR-500, ITL-500, ITL-1000
  • Kaku ASUN650
  • Kingpin motor controls
  • Koch (currently: receive only)
  • Liwin Shutters / Blinds controller (currently: receive only)
  • Rohrmotor24
  • Romotec
  • RTS
  • RTS Eolis 3D
  • RTS Telis 4, Telis 5
  • RTS Telis 4 Modulis
  • RTS Soliris
  • RTS Pure
  • Warema Aircontrol
  • Warema EWFS shutters and awnings
  • X2D Shutter control
  • Yooda RF Roller blinds
  • Yooda Melody shutter/blinds controller

Motion Detectors: (Receive Only)

  • Low Budget Chinese PIR (only signals motion detection)
    based on EV1527 & HX2262 (If timing resistor present, any resistor value will work)
  • Ajax Chub Varel PIR (only signals motion detection)
  • Aritech PIR (only signals motion detection)
  • Atlantic security sensors (MC335, MD326,FT89R and others)
  • Chuango: among others PIR-900 and PIR-910 PIR sensor
  • Elro HA31, HA51
  • Holtek HT6P20 based PIR (both receive and transmit)
  • Honeywell / Friedland DC4 PIR (Sends an "alive" signal as well)
  • Honeywell / Friedland DC44 PIR (Sends an "alive" signal as well)
  • MC145026
  • Meiantech security sensors (MC335, MD326,FT89R and others)
  • Oregon Scientific NR868 PIR/night light
  • Oregon Scientific MSR939 PIR
  • Otio Motion detector Reference 750054
  • Starlux ST101 PIR
  • Visonic 433 mhz sensors
  • Visonic PowerCode sensors
  • X10 security sensors (Haibrain MS13, Marmitec DS90, DS91 and other models)
  • X2D motion sensors
  • Yale HSA3000/6000 PIR
  • YobangSecurity 433 Mhz EV1527 Wireless Passive Infrared Sensor

RFID Keypad:

  • RFID Keypad for G60-Ultimate Alarm system

Door/Window sensors: (Receive Only)

  • Avidsen Door contact 102359
  • Blyss Door contact BLY2
  • Chacon DIO 54781 (separate signals for open and close)
  • Changyo MC20 Door/window Home security sensor G90B G90E (seperate signals for open and close)
  • Chuango: among others DWC-100 Door sensor, DWC-102 Door sensor
  • COCO (separate signals for open and close)
  • Conrad RSW885T (separate signals for open and close)
  • Elmes CTX3H, CTX4H
  • Elro HA31, HA51
  • Evology door/window contact sensor
  • Firedland DC55
  • Holtek HT6P20 based door & window sensors (separate signals for open and close)
  • Home Easy HE852
  • Intertechno ITM-100
  • KAKU AMST-606 door/window sensor (separate signals for open and close)
  • Kerui D025 Door Window Sensor (Only send open, but no close signal)
  • Kerui D026 Door Window Sensor (seperate signals for open and close, beware for bad imitation or D025 sold as D026)
  • LightwaveRF Contact Switch (Generation-1)
  • Low Budget Chinese Door/Window detectors
    based on EV1527 & HX2262 (If timing resistor present, any resistor value will work)
  • Lobeco NX-450N-I (separate signals for open and close + sends an alive signal)
  • MC145026
  • Meiantech/Atlantic security sensors (separate signals for open and close + sends an alive signal)
  • Oudi AD-87
  • Sigmatek door contact
  • Visonic 433 mhz sensors like: MCT-100, MCT302 (seperate signals for open and close)
  • Visonic PowerCode sensors
  • X10 security sensors (ao. Haibrain Marmitec and others)
  • X2D security sensors
  • Yale HSA3000/6000 Door/Window sensors
  • YobangSecurity 433MHz Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor

Scales: (Receive Only)

  • Beurer BG64 (and possibly BF100) scales

Home Automation:

  • Tahoma box


  • Atlantic's security sensors (Receive Only)
  • Chacon 34126 (Send + Receive)
  • Diamant Smoke alarm (Send + Receive)
  • Flamingo FA20RF (Send + Receive)
  • Flamingo FA21RF (Send + Receive)
  • KD101 (Send + Receive)
  • X10 security sensors (ao. Haibrain Marmitec and others) (Send + Receive)

Gate openers (Send + Receive)

  • BFT (note: not the BFT rolling code models as those appear to be based on Keeloq)
  • Came M48 Top43 XEV

Alarm systems, secure gate openers, garage doors (Receive of sensors and remotes ONLY!!!)

  • Ditec (Receive only!)
  • FAAC (Receive only!)
  • Konig Alarm System sensors (Receive only!)
  • Logipark (Receive only!)
  • Nice Smilo (Keeloq) (Receive only!)
  • V2 Phoenix remote signals (Receive only!)
  • Visonic Powermax (Keeloq) (Receive only!)

Alarm systems, gate openers, garage doors (Receive and transmit)

  • eTIGER ES-RC1 alarm remote control 4 buttons
  • Yale HSA3000/6000 Alarm System sensors
  • X2D Alarm System sensors

Gas Detectors: (Receive Only)

  • GD18 Gas Detector

Remote controls

  • Chuango Alarm system remote control (4 button)
  • Denver ASA70 Alarm system remote control (4 button)

Heating / Fireplace / Thermostats:

  • Mertik G6R H4T1 / Dru (Send + Receive)
  • Smartwares SH5-TDR-A / SHS 5300 Heating Controller / Radiator Valve (Send + Receive)
  • Lafayette Air Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • X2D Thermostat (Tybox) (Send + Receive)
  • Micro Tybox X2D (Send + Receive)
  • Tybox H X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • AR53002 X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • AR50055 X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Drayton Digistat +2RF Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Worcester Bosch DT10RF Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • British Gas RC Plus Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Hager Flash
  • Thermoflash
  • Piloteco
  • Sanfil
  • Monomat
  • Micromat
  • Monotron
  • Mémoprog RF
  • Calidou Plus
  • Radiafonte II
  • Bellagio II
  • Verplus
  • Palatino
  • Verlys Evolution
  • Melody Evolution
  • Millenium Triphasé
  • Sensual SAS
  • Sensual Bains
  • Athena Millenium
  • Athena Plenitude


  • Bosch DID09T950 (Send + Receive)
  • Bosch DID09T951 (Send + Receive)
  • Falmec (Send + Receive)
  • Siemens SF-01 (Send + Receive)
  • Wave Design SF-01 (Send + Receive)

Smoke Detectors:

  • 2124DFW (Send + Receive)
  • Alecto SA30 (Send + Receive)
  • Alecto SA33 (Send + Receive)
  • Chacon 34126 KD134A (Send + Receive)
  • Chacon LM-101LG (Send + Receive)
  • Diamant Smoke alarm (Send + Receive)
  • Flamingo FA20RF (Send + Receive)
  • Flamingo FA21RF (Send + Receive)
  • Fuji Onkyo 480 500 smoke detector (Receive)
  • Jucon LM-101LG (Send + Receive)
  • KD101 (Send + Receive)
  • Low Budget Chinese Smoke Detector (Receive)
    based on EV1527 & HX2262 (If timing resistor present, any resistor value should work)
  • Nexa 101LC (Send + Receive)
  • Origo SA422WF Smoke detector (Receive)
  • Smartwares RM174RF Smoke detector (Receive)
  • TOP CRAFT ALDI DEF-002A (Send + Receive)
  • Yale HSA3000 smoke detector (Receive)
  • Yale HSA6000 smoke detector (Receive)
  • X2D Smoke detectors (Send + Receive)


  • Byron BY (among others BY532E) (Receive)
  • Byron SX (among others SX21) (Send + Receive)
  • Deltronic Wireless Doorbell (Send + Receive)
  • EaryKong Doorbell DB_B (433mhz) (Send + Receive)
  • ELEC EDB-40 doorbell (Receive)
  • Elro (DB270 and others) (Send + Receive)
  • Envivo PO-1413 (Receive)
  • Forrinx (Receive)
  • Friedland EVO Decor ED1 (Receive)
  • Friedland EVO Decor ED3 (Receive)
  • Friedland D515 (Receive)
  • Heidemann HX Silverline 70290 (Send + Receive)
  • IDK CAR-200 (Receive)
  • KAKU ACDB 6500BC (Send + Receive)
  • L^Home model 32311T (Receive)
  • Medion MD 16179 (Receive)
  • NEXA LML-710 (Send + Receive)
  • Plieger York (Receive)
    Note that when the Plieger button is detected as Conrad RSL2, you need to use the button
    on the inside of the Plieger doorbell to change the address code of the Plieger.
  • Quhwa QH-1085TX V1.1 doorbell (Receive)
  • Profile led dasegno (Send + Receive)
  • RL-02 Wireless Doorbell (Send + Receive)
  • SelectPlus (200689103 - Black - Datecode:0614), 1 by One, Delta (O00 QH-0031) (Send + Receive)
  • 1 by One doorbell (Send + Receive)
  • Delta (O00 QH-0031) (Send + Receive)
  • SelectPlus (200689101 - White - Datecode:0914) (Send + Receive)
  • SelectPlus (5251178 - Black ) (Send + Receive)
  • Siemens DCBP5 Doorbell converter (wireless + wired) (Send + Receive)
  • SilverCrest Z31370-TX (Receive)
  • Synapse SN-1613 (Receive)

Nodo Slave Sensors:

Various Nodo sensor types are supported.
Both the regular 433mhz sensors (3.7 and 3.8) as well as NodoNRF sensors (3.7 only). Make sure you use Nodo Slave ID 1,2, 4 till 9 to make the sensor a separate sensor.
If you want to have combined sensors (eg temperature + humidity in one device) make sure
you use Nodo Slave ID 10 till 16

The following variable / sensor types are currently supported

Variable 1,2,3,4,5 : Temperature
Variable 6 : Humidity
Variable 7 : Rain
Variable 8 : Wind speed
Variable 9 : Wind direction
Variable 10 : Wind gust
Variable 11, 12 en 13 : Temperature
Variable 14 : Humidity
Variable 15 : UV
Variable 16 : Barometric pressure

Electricity/Water/Gas pulse meters are supported when using the following Nodo variable numbers:
Make sure the slave devices are using Nodo Slave ID 3 !!!

Variable 1 : Pulse value 1
Variable 2 : Pulse value 2
Variable 3 : Pulse value 3
Including variable 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 Variable 16: Pulse value 16

868 Mhz devices:

Switch sets:

  • TYXIA 261/461 X2D micro modules (868mhz) (receive only for now!)

Remote Controls:

  • Smanos remote control (3 states; on, off, home)
  • Smanos keypad WK7000 (3 states; on, off, home)

Weather Sensors: (Receive Only)

  • Alecto ACH2010 weather station (868 Mhz - ASK modulation!)
  • Alecto DKW2012 weather station (868 Mhz - ASK modulation!)
  • WS3900 (868 Mhz!)

Motion Detectors: (Receive Only)

  • Smanos PIR MD2300
  • Woonveilig PIR
  • Egardia PIR
  • Visonic 868mhz sensors (Mixed results)

Door/Window sensors: (Receive Only)

  • Atlantic MD-210R door contact
  • Focus MD-210R door contact
  • Smanos doorsensor DS2300
  • Woonveilig door/window sensors
  • Egardia door/window sensors
  • Visonic 868mhz sensors


  • CalorMatic 340f (Send + Receive)
  • Danfoss TP4000 Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Delta Dore - Deltia 8.03 X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Micro Tybox X2D (Send + Receive)
  • Tybox 310 X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Tybox H X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)
  • Vaillant VRT 340f (Send + Receive)
  • X2D Thermostat (Send + Receive)

Alarm Systems:

-Smanos base station L020/W020 (3 states; on, off, home)

2.4 Ghz devices:

  • NodoNRF
  • MiLight / LimitlessLED / Applamp / EasyBulb / etc. devices.

RFlink supports NodoNRF devices and/or MiLight devices.
You can use two NRF24L01 modules at the same time as the wiring of both systems is different.
See below for some details.

Supported Milight devices at least include:
CCT - aka Dual white (warm white/cold white) FUT005/FUT006/FUT007/FUT091 and FUT012/FUT017/FUT019/FUT035/FUT036
RGBW - color and white can not be controlled together for example FUT095/FUT096/FUT098 and FUT013/FUT014/FUT016/FUT038
RGB+CCT - aka RGBWW for example FUT015/FUT039/FUT092/FUT103
RGB - for example FUT025


NodoNRF devices are sensors based on the Nodo project.
Data is transferred via 2.4Ghz.
You will need to use a NRF24L01 wired specifically for NodoNRF use.


The Milight devices are also sold under the names:
LimitlessLED, Applamp, EasyBulb, Rocket LED, s`luce, iLight, iBulb, LinkUP, SuperBrightLeds, Kepsun and Kreuzer.
There are probably other names used as well.

MiLight is using the 2.4Ghz frequency to control light bulbs and led strips. These devices are originally controlled with a remote or a wifi bridge.
RFlink has the ability to transmit to these devices directly like the remote control and the wifi bridge are doing.
However, RFLink has an unique feature, it can also receive the Milight signals coming from the remote or the bridge.
Up to 262140 unique lamps can be controlled.
You will need to use a NRF24L01 wired specifically for Milight/MySensors use.


RFlink can receive data like temperature, humidity etc. from MySensors devices and forward that information to the home automation controller. If you just want to use some devices you can now do that without a full blown MySensors gateway. Note that data is only received by RFLink, RFLink does not become part of the MySensors network and does not communicate towards any MySensors gateway or device.
You will need to use a NRF24L01 wired specifically for Milight/MySensors use.

Philips Living Colors:

Philips Living Colors is using the 2.4Ghz frequency to control a dedicated RGB led bulb.
These devices are originally controlled with a remote control.
RFlink has the ability to transmit to the Philips Living Colors Genration 1 lamps like the original remote control is doing.
However, RFLink has an unique feature, it can also receive the Living Color commands send by the original remote control.
You will need to use a CC2500 transceiver.

Ikea Ansluta / Utrusta:

Ikea Ansluta / Utrusta is using the 2.4Ghz frequency to control dedicated UTRUSTA en OMLOPP led lights. These devices are originally controlled with a single button remote control.
RFlink has the ability to transmit to the Ikea Ansluta receiver to control the lamps like the original remote control is doing.
However, RFLink has an unique feature, it can also receive the commands send by the original Ansluta remote control.
Unlike the original remote control that needs to cycle through dim values, RFLink can directly control the dim level. You will need to use a CC2500 transceiver.


If you require support for other sensors just let us know via the forum or email to frankzirrone@gmail.com.

Support the project:

The RFLink Firmware development is a freeware project. This means you should not pay for the firmware.
We are not linked to any shops and do not have unlimited resources to buy sensors and devices.
You can support the project by sending in debug data for new sensors, send hardware or
make a donation so we can buy sensors you would like to see supported.