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03 November 2019

Home Automation Software with RFLink support:
Domoticz Native support
Jeedom Requires a plugin
Pimatic Requires a plugin or this plugin
Domotiga Native support
OpenHAB Requires a binding
OpenHAB Alternative: MQTT interface
HoMIDoM Requires a driver
HomeBridge Requires a plugin
HomeAssistant module
HomeAssistant Requires a script
ioBroker Requires a plugin
Homie Reguires a Bridge
Python RFlink Library
Bridge from RFLink to an mqtt broker
Bridge between RFLink Gateway and MQTT broker
Python script to send rflink data to MQTT
RFLink adapter for Mozilla IoT gateway
Gladys Requires a module
Homeseer - integrating RFLink with HomeSeer using Node-Red and MQTT

RFlink PCB's:
Nodo Domotica Webshop
Building RFlink PCB
Building RFlink PCB

How To Build RFLink (in French)
Domoticz on Synology
User review in English
User review in French
User review in Italian How To Setup RFLink with Home Assistant (in French)
How To make your RFLink with some tips (in Dutch)

IOBroker video
Videos showing a basic hardware+wire only setup of RFLink:
Note that the language might be hard to understand ;) but the videos are very clear.
RFlink with door sensors
Basic RFlink
Basic RFlink
RFLink speed test
RFLink, 433MHz gateway with Node-Red
RFLink in action


Support the project:

The RFLink Firmware development is a freeware project. This means you should not pay for the firmware.
We are not linked to any shops and do not have unlimited resources to buy sensors and devices.
You can support the project by sending in debug data for new sensors, send hardware or
make a donation so we can buy sensors you would like to see supported.