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New RFLink firmware (R47) now available!

15 September 2017

Firmware release 47 adds support for many new devices and contains various improvements and extensions.
Below you can find the list of changes and additions.

There were a many devices that identify themselves incorrectly when compared to existing protocol implementations. The reason is simple, the manufacturer does not care if his product is not compatible with an existing product. To solve the issues, RFLink now has a special mode where you can teach it signals and store those into the RFLink's EEPROM memory. Yes it also survives firmware updates. Once a signal is identified and stored it will be recognized automatically!. Here you can find an explanation.

The new firmware is now available on the Firmware download page or by clicking this link:
RFLink firmware R47

If you use Jeedom or IOBroker, firmware updates can be done through the program itself.
For other home automation software we are working on similar solutions, until then you need to do the update manually.

The RFlink Gateway supports more protocols and frequencies than any other device out there and the best of all... it is completely FREE!
If you like this project there are various ways you can support us, it is much appreciated.

Note that we still have lots of debug data that is currently being analysed to be added to the RFLink code.
Also we have many support requests that we are working on. However, there are so many requests that it is hard to answer all prmptly. If you did not get a reply or solution yet, please know that we are working on it and have not forgotten. Also, we are making good progress with various 868mhz and 2.4Ghz devices. More protocols and hardware is being tested for the next release.


R47: (15/09/2017)
- New Device: Micro Tybox X2D / Tybox H X2D Thermostats (works with 433 and/or 868 mhz)
- New Device: Tybox 310 X2D Thermostat (868mhz)
- New Device: Delta Dore - Deltia 8.03 X2D Thermostat (868mhz)
- New Device: TYXIA 261/461 X2D micro modules (868mhz) (Receive only, more logs needed)
- New Device: Milight RGB+CCT (a.o. 4-zone FUT092/ 8-zone FUT089)
- New Device: Milight RGB (a.o. FUT098)
- New Device: Bofu motor BF-301, EY1612, EY1624 and others
- New Device: Oregon Scientific SL109
- New Device: AR53002 / AR50055 X2D Thermostats
- New Device: Atlantic MD-210R / Focus MD-210R - 868mhz door contact
- New Device: Legrand CAD Radio
- New Device: Gelia EMW100T switch set
- New Device: ELEC EDB-40 / QH-1085TX V1.1 Quhwa doorbell
- New Device: X10 Sensors
- New Device: Ambient FT004T temperature sensor
- New Device: Ambient FT004B temperature sensor
- New Device: ASA radio technology Go-1
- New Device: Telis 4 Modulis RTS
- New Device: Added support for a new version of the Rubicson WT0122 pool thermometer
- New Device: Renkforce E0190TA and compatible temperature sensors
- New Device: Ematronic AC114-01B shutter/blinds controller
- New Device: Yooda Melody shutter/blinds controller
- New Device: Viking 02813 Temperature sensor
- New Device: Marquant 943134 Temperature sensor
- New Device: Arlec RC10 switch set
- New Device: V2 Phoenix remote signals (Receive only)
- New Device: IDK CAR-200 doorbell (Receive only)
- New Feature: GPIO pin state at boot can be selected with a wire from pin 5 to ground to set the pin default to high
- Added: X2D/X3D protocol support
- Added: Milight RGB and RGB+CCT protocol support
- Added: Direct dimming support for Flamingo and compatible devices
- Added: Additional WH3 detection
- Added: Two Additional Dooya protocol flavors
- Added: Additional Dooya signal recognition
- Added: Additional Blyss remote control recognition
- Added: Additional Brell remote control recognition
- Added: STOP command support to (first) extended RTS protocol version
- Added: Support for second extended RTS protocol version
- Added: Additional Pair option for Bofu motor devices
- Added: upon request added 6 additional GPIO pin's for generic use
The GPIO pins are often used to 'press buttons' on incompatible devices
- Fixed: Added pairing command for Ansluta
- Fixed: Increased transmission duration for Ansluta
- Fixed: corrected barometric pressure value of BTHR918
- Fixed: UPM Esic negative temperatures
- Fixed: Further improved X10 protocol detection
- Fixed: 'newkaku' send command handling improved
- Fixed: 'newkaku' group commands put at a unique switch number
- Fixed: imrpoved newkaku filtering
- Fixed: improved Acurite SL109 negative temperature handling
- Fixed: CM113 ampere precision
- Fixed: Milight: bug in unit selection
- Fixed: bug with the number of RFCustom records
- Fixed: removal of RFCustom records
- Fixed: Improved Xiron sensor detection
- Fixed: Alecto rain meter values

Support the project:

The RFLink Firmware development is a freeware project. This means you should not pay for the firmware.
We are not linked to any shops and do not have unlimited resources to buy sensors and devices.
You can support the project by sending in debug data for new sensors, send hardware or
make a donation so we can buy sensors you would like to see supported.