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Development progress update

23 June 2016

Right now we are looking at integrating support for CC2500 RF modules to support Ikea Ansluta and first generation Philips Living Colors lamps.
Besides that we are investigating the protocol of the new MiLight RGBWW devices. Furthermore we are working on MySensors device capture integration.

We are also working on improving the MiLight implementation.
Right now it works more or less okay in both receiving and transmitting of signals when it comes to the implementation of at least 2 RGBW remotes.
These 2 remotes already have small differences in their signals and it appears that there is another branch of remotes that has some issue with the behaviour of how zones are controlled.
If you have this issue or are experiencing any other issue with MiLight and want to help, you can check the development page and make a debug log of the buttons of your remote control.

Besides log data from new/unsupported 433mhz devices, there are also several small issues reported.
Some can be implemented/fixed quickly, others take more time to analyse. Obviously we continue to work on this.

If you have any hardware (remotes/sensors etc) that you want to donate to the project feel free to email to frankzirrone@gmail.com

Support the project:

The RFLink Firmware development is a freeware project. This means you should not pay for the firmware.
We are not linked to any shops and do not have unlimited resources to buy sensors and devices.
You can support the project by sending in debug data for new sensors, send hardware or
make a donation so we can buy sensors you would like to see supported.